Student Affairs


Our university allocates an e-mail account for all registered students. You can access the wireless network and all the systems related to you as a student (student information system, library databases, etc.) as well as E-mail with the created account information. The user name and password of your e-mail account are the same as the user name and password of all other systems that you will use at University.

Your e-mail account is created in the format of Your username is ‘name.surname’ just like pre-account information of your e-mail address. Your default temporary password is your YU Number (Foreigner Identification Number).

Example for single name accounts:
Name and Surname: Abdul KURTSEVIC

E-mail address:
User Name: abdul.kurtsevic
Password: YU Number (Foreigner Identification Number)


If you have more than one name, please contact with our Sports, Culture and Health department via, to inform about your preference.

Your password (which is your YU Number) is temporary password. You need to change your password to activate your account via . Your access to technical services will be on automatically after the password is changed. The new password will also apply to all other technical panels.

Our university provides e-mail service through Gmail. You can reach your e-mails at You can also access detailed information at if you wish to use any of the e-mail based tools like Outlook, etc.

Access to the wireless network is available with the connection SSID named eduroam. You can also access wireless network with your current user account. All you need is to enter your user information once to activate your wireless network connection. Do not forget to re-enter your user information after changing the password.

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