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Undergraduate Programs Enrollment Guide



Students admitted to the undergraduate programs of our University according to the evaluation results, are expected to complete their enrollment personally at Ibn Haldun University, which is located in Başakşehir Campus.

Our University will shift to in-person learning as of 2021-2022 Academic year Fall semester and some of the courses will be conducted online. Further information will be provided on the measures to be taken within the scope of Covid-19.

We kindly request you to view our academic calendar for the important dates regarding the processes of our University.

Required Documents for Enrollment

  1. Original high school diploma and its copy
  2. English or Turkish translation of the diploma and its copy
  3. Equivalence certificate and its copy
  4. Original high school transcript and its copy
  5. English or Turkish translation of the transcript and its copy
  6. 4 photographs (Taken in last 6 months)
  7. Passport or Turkish Republic ID card and its copy (Expired passports are not valid.)
  8. Residence permit and its copy (Those who do not have a residence permit have to apply for one after the enrollment. For details, please see Frequently Asked Questions, International Students section.)
  9. If any, Language Proficiency Certificate (For the required proficiency levels, please see Undergraduate Placement and Proficiency Tests page.)Upon the completion of your enrollment, you will be allocated an e-mail address. As all the announcements pertaining to the University will be sent to this e-mail address, it is crucial that it is checked constantly.

Important Information

  • Students have to show up personally for enrollment. Postal service is not allowed.
  • If enrollment documents are not in Turkish or English, translations of them that are received from certified translation offices are required.
  • The originals of the documents will be returned after they have been checked and their copies will be received.
  • Unofficial documents are not accepted during enrollment.
  • Enrollment cannot be completed with missing or falsified documents.
  • Legal action is to be taken against those who submit falsified documents.
  • Candidates who cannot finalize the enrollment procedures within the deadline will not be accepted.

For questions and inquiries about enrollment, do not hesitate to contact us via


Our students can arrive to Ibn Haldun University bus stop through public buses that are specified below.

78B Fenertepe Peronlar – Yenibosna Metro
78C Fenertepe Peronlar – Yunus Emre Mahallesi
78E Fenertepe Peronlar – Kayabaşı Kiptaş
78F Fenertepe Peronlar – Metrokent
78G Fenertepe Peronlar – Güvercintepe
78H Fenertepe Peronlar – Eminönü
78Ş Fenertepe Peronlar – Şahintepesi
78ZB Fenertepe Peronlar – Zeytinburnu Metro
146BA Fenertepe Peronlar – Avcılar
146F Fenertepe Peronlar – Bahçeşehir
146K Fenertepe Peronlar – Birlik Mahallesi
MK31 Fenertepe Peronlar – Kanuni Sultan Süleyman

Information Services

Our university allocates an e-mail account for all registered students. You can access the wireless network and all the systems related to you as a student such as library databases, and student information system. The user name and password of your e-mail account are the same as the user name and password of all other systems that you will be using at the University.

Our university provides e-mail service through Gmail. You can reach your e-mails at

Your e-mail account will be created in the format of Your default password is your Foreigner ID number. To activate your account, the password is needed to be changed. You can change your password through the link below:

After the password change, the accessing such as e-mail services will be automatically activated. The new password will also apply to all services that are accessed with your username and password.

The students who have more than one name need to specify the name preference during enrollment.

Example account:

Name and Surname: Abdul KURTSEVIC
E-mail address:
User Name: abdul.kurtsevic
Password: YU (Foreigner ID) Number

Fields marked with an * are required