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Undergraduate Programs Registration Guide

Students who got acceptance at our university according to the international undergraduate student’s evaluation results, are expected to complete their final registration by coming personally to our Başakşehir Campus.


Students are requested to visit university campus with necessary papers to meet with registration department and complete registration procedures on September 9th and 13th, 2019, between 9.00-16.00.

Place of Registration

İbn Haldun University
Başakşehir Campus
Ulubatlı Hasan Cad. No:2 34494
Başakşehir / İstanbul


  1. Original High School Diploma
  2. English or Turkish translation of the diploma
  3. Equivalence Certificate
  4. Original High School Transcript
  5. English or Turkish translation of the transcript
  6. National or international exam certificates submitted at the application
  7. 4 Photographs (Taken in last 6 months)
  8. Passport or Turkish Republic ID card
  9. Student Visa
  10. Residence Permit


  • If you would like to register for accommodation, check the information provided on Dormitories Section.
  • Fill in the Application Form and prepare necessary documents for dormitory registration.


  • You should register and take an English or Turkish Proficiency Exam which will be organized each day of registration period depending on your language of instruction.
  • If your program’s language is English and you have enough score in English proficiency exam, you are allowed to study Turkish or Arabic Preparation Class for one academic year.
  • You should fill Student Information Form via Student Information System. You can log in the system by using your student account. For more information on how to log in, you will be informed by the registerars.


  • After registration, make sure to keep a copy of Student Certificate that will help you to get a discounted student transportation card.
  • Classes of Preparation and Undergraduate Programs are scheduled to start on Monday, 23 September 2019.
  • All announcements from İbn Haldun University will be sent to students, via the E-mail accounts which will be provided by the University after registration. Please keep checking your emails for more updates.


  • Students have to show up personally for registration. Postal service is not allowed.
  • Unstamped (except e-Signature) or copied documents are not be accepted during final registration.
  • Students can not complete their registration with missing or falsified documents.
  • Students who fail to complete registration in the given time notice cannot claim their rights to register later.
  • Judicial process is to be taken against those who submit falsified documents.

For questions and inquiries about registration, do not hesitate to contact us via

Scholarships & Tuition Fees

  • International student quotas for undergraduate programs in the academic year of 2019-2020, are determined as paid and 50% scholarship.
  • Admitted students might be awarded additional 25% tuition fee waiver, according to their performances at the interviews.
  • Tuition fee packages including program fees and the accommodation costs are given below:
Coverage Discount Rates
Full Payment 25% Waiver 50% Waiver 75% Waiver
Tuition Fee (per year) $8.000 $6.000 $4.000 $2.000
Tuition Fee (per year)

+ Accommodation (for 10 months)

$10.000 $8000 $5.000 $3000
  • Tuition fee waivers are valid for 1 + 1 years in preparatory programs, and for 4 + 1 years in undergraduate programs.

Preparatory Program

Turkish and English Language Preparatory Programs are compulsory for students of B.A in Law and Islamic Sciences, while Arabic Preparatory Program is optional for students of the mentioned departments, as the medium of instruction in the programs is %30 English.

English Preparatory Program is compulsory, Turkish and Arabic Preparatory Programs are optional for all other bachelor programs in which English is the medium of instruction.

Students who wish to be exempted from the Preparatory English Language Program, must submit an exam certificate that indicates their proficiency in that language. Accepted exams and scores are as follows:

PTE Academic : 55
FCE   : B

Undergraduate students who do not submit one of the accepted exams’ certificates are required to take the Pearson Versant Placement Test in order to be placed in convenient classes of their level. Students who think that they are at the beginner level are also required to take the Pearson Versant Placement Test, otherwise they will not be included in the English Preparatory Program.

In order to get detailed information about this exam, check Undergraduate Placement and Proficiency Tests pages.

Students who get 55 or more on the Pearson Versant Placement Test are eligible to take the PTE Academic Exam. The exam results are shared with the student immediately after the exam and Students are provided to enroll in the PTE Academic exam according to the student’s score. Students who get 55 or more score from PTE Academic are exempted from the preparation program and can start their undergraduate degree courses.

Pearson Versant Placement Test will be held daily between 10.00-16.00 during the registration period. PTE Academic exam will be held twice a day at 10.00 and 14.00. All students enrolled at our university must show up for these exams any day during the registration period.

If you are exempted from English language preparation and you wish to study Arabic Preparatory Program, you should state this demand while filling out Student Information Form and take the Arabic Placement Examination. Students who think that they are at the beginner level are also required to take the exam, otherwise they will not be included in the Arabic Preparatory Program.

Arabic Placement Exam will be held daily at 13.00 during the registration period. All students enrolled at our university and want to study Arabic Preparatory Program must show up for these exams on any day during the registration period.


Female students are to stay in TÜRGEV ​​Katibe Atmaca Higher Education Girls’ Dormitory in Başakşehir. You can check the website of TURGEV for detailed information about application process and registration procedures about dormitory.

You must have the following documents in order to register in dormitory for female students:

  • 2 copies of passport or T.C Identity
  • Criminal record
  • Residence Permit
  • Medical report
  • 5 Photographs
  • Student certificate


Our male students will stay in İYC Aliya İzzetbegoviç Secondary Education Male Student Dormitory, located in Başakşehir. You can check the website for detailed information about application process and registration procedures about dormitory.


You must have the following documents in order to register in dormitory for male students:

  • Copy of passport or T.C Identity
  • Criminal record
  • Residence permit
  • Medical report
  • 4 Photographs
  • Student certificate

The average capasity of our dormitories is 120 students and rooms are for 3-4 students. Internet service is provided in our dormitories.

Technical Information

Our university allocates an e-mail account for all registered students. You can access the wireless network and all the systems related to you as a student (library databases, etc.) as well as E-mail with the created account information. The user name and password of your e-mail account are the same as the user name and password of all other systems that you will use at University.(Except student information system)

Your e-mail account is created in the format of Your username is ‘name.surname’ just like pre-account information of your e-mail address. Your default temporary password is your YU Number (Foreigner Identification Number).

Example for single name accounts:
Name and Surname: Abdul KURTSEVIC
E-mail address:
User Name: abdul.kurtsevic
Password: YU Number (Foreigner Identification Number)


If you have more than one name, please contact with International Office via, to inform about your preference.

Your password (which is your YU Number) is temporary password. You need to change your password to activate your account via . Your access to technical services will be on automatically after the password is changed. The new password will also apply to all other technical panels.

Our university provides e-mail service through Gmail. You can reach your e-mails at You can also access detailed information at if you wish to use any of the e-mail based tools like Outlook, etc.

Access to the wireless network is available with the connection SSID named eduroam. You can also access wireless network with your current user account. All you need is to enter your user information once to activate your wireless network connection. Do not forget to re-enter your user information after changing the password.


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