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Graduate Programs Enrollment Guide




Students who admitted to the graduate programs of our university according to the evaluation results, are expected to complete their enrollments in person at Ibn Haldun University located in Başakşehir.

Our university will continue face-to-face education in the spring semester of the 2021-2022 Academic Year and some courses will be conducted online.

We kindly request you to view our academic calendar for the important dates regarding the processes of our University.

Accordingly, the enrollments will continue from 17th of January to 21st of January, 2022. It is crucial that the students submit all the documents in full to complete enrollment swiftly.

Required Documents for Enrollment

  1. Original and the copy of diploma or interim certificate of graduation for Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree (Bachelor’s Degree certificate for MA and PhD candidates with BA degrees, Master’s Degree certificate for PhD candidates with MA degrees)*,
  2. Original and the copy of transcript for Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree (Bachelor’s Degree transcript for MA and PhD candidates with BA degrees, Master’s Degree transcript for PhD candidates with MA degrees),
  3. If they are not in Turkish or English, notarized translations of transcript and diploma,
  4. Foreign language proficiency certificate (The proficiency levels of the students are ascertained upon their documentation of the success at the determined level in YDYS or one of the national/international exams recognized by Council of Higher Education in Turkey (CoHE) and the Senate.),
  5. Passport and its copy (Expired passports are not valid.),
  6. 4 photographs (Taken in last 6 months),
  7. Residence permit and its copy (Those unable to provide residence permit may submit their document after they settle in Turkey. Until then, students need to specify their parents names on the e-mail that the enrollment documents are sent.),
  8. HES code (given by Turkish Ministry of Health in order to follow the Covid cases in the country. It should be recorded with foreign identity number.)

* Recognition for the universities from which students got the Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees will be asked from the Turkish Council of Higher Education (CoHE). This is a legal requirement for international students to be able to enroll in graduate programs at Turkish universities. The enrollments will be valid only if the university is recognized by CoHE.

Upon the completion of the enrollment, students will be allocated an e-mail account. As all the announcements pertaining to the university will be sent to these e-mail accounts, it is crucial to check them constantly.

For questions and inquiries concerning enrollment, do not hesitate to contact us via

Students can submit their document requests such as student certificate and transcript through OBS.

Foreign Language Proficiency and Multilingualism

In our university, which adopts the policy of multilingualism in education, in respect to Master’s and/or Ph.D. programs where multilingualism is a graduation requirement, our students must have a certain level of degree over English, Turkish and Arabic (or other language envisioned by the program).

Students will be able to successfully meet the admission requirement of the language proficiency in the course of the program by taking language preparation school first if the Institute is granted provisional admission. Additionally Students will be able to successfully meet their language requirement with regards to graduation by passing language courses during the education. For these languages, students who have certified their language proficiency at the desired level as a condition of graduation or acceptance with foreign language exams accepted by the university will also fulfill their obligations. Foreign language exams approved by our university are TOEFL, YDS, YÖKDİL and PTE for English; YDS and YÖKDİL for Arabic. Students who do not have a score of these exams can take the language proficiency exam organized by our university.

Accommodation Opportunities

Students who want to get detailed information about the dormitories of our university can get in touch with the related department via .

Important Information

  • If the enrollment documents are not in Turkish or English, notarized translations must be submitted together with the originals. During the document submission, the original versions of the documents will be returned after checking and copies will be received.
  • Students have to show up personally for enrollment. Postal service is not allowed.
  • Unofficial documents are not accepted during enrollment.
  • Enrollment procedures cannot be completed with missing or falsified documents.
  • Legal action is to be taken against those who submit falsified documents.
  • Candidates who are not able to finalize the enrollment procedures by the deadline will not be accepted.
  • Students who are eligible for scholarship must have accounts at the Kuveyt Türk Participation Bank.
  • Those who already have residence permit are required to link their HES codes up with OBS in order to avoid any inconvenience while accessing to campus. Once the registration procedures are done, students see a pop-up on OBS to fill the necessary information regarding HES code.
  • Those who already have residence permit can acquire a HES code by sending an SMS to 2023 as in the following example: HES foreign identity number year of birth 720
  • Those who have not got residence permit yet can receive a HES code by sending an SMS to 2023 as in the following example: HES nationality passport number year of birth surname 720
  • When student cards are prepared, an announcement will be made by the Student Affairs via


Our students can arrive at Ibn Haldun University bus stop through public buses that are specified below.

78B Fenertepe Bus Station – Yenibosna Metro Station
78C Fenertepe Bus Station – Yunus Emre Neighborhood
78E Fenertepe Bus Station – Kiptaş Kayabaşı
78F Fenertepe Bus Station – Metrokent
78G Fenertepe Bus Station – Güvercintepe
78H Fenertepe Bus Station – Eminönü
78Ş Fenertepe Bus Station – Şahintepesi
78ZB Fenertepe Bus Station – Zeytinburnu Metro Station
146BA Fenertepe Bus Station – Avcılar
146F Fenertepe Bus Station – Bahçeşehir
146K Fenertepe Bus Station – Birlik Neighborhood
MK31 Fenertepe Bus Station – Kanuni Sultan Süleyman

Payment Process

Our students are required to pay their tuition fees to the bank account specified below:

Account Holder: İbn Haldun Üniversitesi

IBAN: TR03 0020 5000 0943 4169 0001 02

Bank: Kuveyt Türk

Description: Student number, first and last name information must be written.

International Office( and Department of Administrative and Financial Affairs( can be contacted for further information.

Information Services

Our university allocates an e-mail account for all registered students. You can access the wireless network and all the platforms related to you as a student such as library databases, and student information system (OBS). The user name and password of your e-mail account are the same as the user name and password of all other systems that you will be using at the University.

Our university provides e-mail service through Gmail. You can reach your e-mails at .

Your e-mail account will be created in the format of Your default password is your foreign identity number. To activate your account, the password is needed to be changed. You can change your password via

After the password change, all the access such as e-mail services will be automatically activated. New password will also apply to all platforms that are accessed with your username and password.

Students who have more than one name need to specify their name preference during the enrollment.

Sample account:

Name and Surname          : Abdul KURTSEVIC
E-mail address                   :
User Name                          : abdul.kurtsevic
Password                            : Foreign identity number

Students who would like to send their requests to the administrative departments of our University, may use the link given below once the enrollment procedures are done:


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